New City Cafe is a subsidiary of 441 Ministries


441 Ministries has been working for Gospel-centered hope, healing, and holistic development of the Beechwood neighborhood of Rochester since 2005. In the beginning, before 441 Ministries had a name or a building, it was a group of people who chose to move into the Beechwood neighborhood (a high-poverty area of Rochester) with the intention of re-neighboring their community. There were backyard barbeques and Bible clubs at the park. Eventually, it was clear that there was need for a building. In 2011, 441 Parsells Ave. was purchased, and one of the two storefronts was renovated as a ministry space to meet the needs as they arose: kids programs throughout the year, occasional counseling services, weekly adult Bible fellowship/study, community meals and recently a community garden and teen ministry.


New City Cafe was birthed in our teen program, where discipleship and mentoring are the focus. The cafe will allow some of these mentoring relationships to continue with specific focus on employment and valuable skill building along with discipleship. The second storefront at 441 Parsells had been empty for a couple years, and will be a great space for a cafe. It is our hope that this will be an asset to the neighborhood: teens will gain skills and build positive relationships, the business will empower and build up the community without losing any of the flavor of the neighborhood, and of course our neighbors will have a place to get a great cup of coffee!


To establish a thriving non-profit cafe business in the Beechwood neighborhood of Rochester, teaching young men and women the skillsets needed to pursue a revitalized life, maximizing all of their God-given potential, and implanting rich soil back into their community.


To develop a culture of sustainable growth in young adults, by training up the whole person: mind, body, soul, and spirit.

Mind: To offer a different lens by which they can view themselves and God.

Body: To physically train them new skillsets that will prepare them for a career as certified baristas, customer service representatives, or managers.

Soul: To know them as individual persons and to create a safe environment that cultivates deep relationships, where trust can be established.

Spirit: To model what it means to have a deep and meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ.


The core teachings at New City Cafe are rooted in the eternal biblical principles outlined in the mission of 441 Ministries. Combining these practices into a cohesive transformational process for “re-neighboring” provides our employees with the best possible mentorship and training program for their future.


The transformational process at New City Cafe is based upon a discipleship strategy that leads young people to discover their God-given potential. The 5 R’s of God’s plan for “Re-Neighboring” are Reach, Reveal, Renew, Realize, and Restore. God has called us to reach our employees where they are, reveal their brokenness and need of a Savior, renew their minds to a new way of thinking, realize their full potential in Christ, and restore their lives to where God has purposed. In the context of a cafe business, we seek to join God by allowing these five truths to guide our discipleship and employment approach.