I’ve gone throughout the United States. And I’ve enjoyed my favorite beverage, coffee, in a variety of coffee shops in each location I’ve visited. However, I’ve never been one to merely go to the nearest coffee shop to get my caffeine fix. Instead, I’ve always preferred the “mom and pop” style of a coffee shop. The top four things, in my opinion, that give a coffee shop its personality and make it what it is, are listed below.

Music: In my opinion, it can influence anything—your energy, your mood, and, of course, your coffee shop. The atmosphere of a cafe can be substantially enhanced or destroyed by music. A coffee shop, in my opinion, should play the same music to all of its customers. Customers may not know what to anticipate if it plays soothing acoustic music one day and party music the next. While diversity is a good thing, if a shop’s music is too broad, it may be challenging to attract a constant type of consumer.

Staff: It is critical to have a pleasant working environment. My daily shopping experience is about half because I am familiar with the employees and feel at ease.

Atmosphere:  The ambiance of a store is really important. The people who inhabit it, the music, the shop’s design, and the art on the walls all contribute to its creation. All of these factors combine to produce an atmosphere and a vibe. Consistency is something I value. In addition, I enjoy a mix of comfort and eclecticism. Some of my favorite things to look at include photographs, paintings, and collectibles displays.

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The Coffee: Since I’m talking about what constitutes a “good” coffee shop, I should mention one of the most crucial things in having one. The actual coffee and items that are available. Are there only three options available? Is the coffee so good? Is it too flimsy? Is there a bad aftertaste to it? Is there a consistent amount of coffee with each order?