Steep LA

Steep LA wants the community to experience the modern Chinses tea ceremony
by Anna Mariani | February 26, 2020

World Tea Academy Awards Brian Keating Gratitude Scholarship

The World Tea Academy has awarded its inaugural Brian Keating Gratitude Scholarship to Elsa Carette.
by Fresh Cup Staff | November 27, 2019

Surprising Changes in Japanese Tea Culture & Business

Why traditional tea culture in Japan is on the decline and what the industry is doing to fight back.
by Greg Goodmacher | November 25, 2019

Oregon Chai Founder Utilizes All-Natural Expertise to Launch New Beverage Company

Heather Howitt, one of the industry leaders credited for popularizing chai in the United States, is back in the beverage game. This time she’s utilizing her know-how for natural, high-quality ingredients and applying those…
by Fresh Cup Staff | August 28, 2019

The 2019 Los Angeles Tea Festival

With over 40 exhibitors and a comprehensive program of classes, workshops, and performances, the festival engaged and connected purists to casual tea drinkers with tea companies from California and beyond.
by Anna Mariani | August 14, 2019

Chiques Creek Hemp Tea Release

While Pennsylvania-grown may seem like a strange title to promote hemp, one tea company is proud to continue a centuries-long tradition.
by Fresh Cup Staff | August 7, 2019

Kenya’s Low Tea Exports Lead to Weakened Shilling

Drought, lower tea prices, and economic sanctions against Iran have led to lower tea exports for the world’s largest black tea producing country, affecting the entire nation’s economy.
by Fresh Cup Staff | July 31, 2019

World Tea Expo 2019 Recap

From classes, lectures, and day-long workshops to tableside conversations at an exhibitor’s booth, the World Tea Expo is a unique forum that brings together experts, business leaders, and fledgling entrepreneurs throughout the tea industry…
by Fresh Cup Staff | June 19, 2019

Oat-of-this-World Pop-Up Comes to Portland

Folks can discover just how out-of-this-world good oat milk is at the upcoming Plan-Oat-Tarium pop-up experiences in Portland, Oregon, and Los Angeles.
by Fresh Cup Staff | May 15, 2019

A Wee Problem: Scottish Tea Steeped in Scandal

Scottish farmer Tam O’Braan, also known as the self-styled “Mr. Tea,” became a fixture of the global tea community in 2015 after he claimed to have won gold at the prestigious Salon de Thé…
by Jordan Johnson | May 8, 2019